Chris Leonard

Name: Chris Leonard

Occupation: Counsellor/Grief and Bereavement Trainer

Role (Parent, Ally, LGBTQ Youth): Parent

Chris is the mom of a young lesbian who has been out to her entire family-mother, father, grandparents, sister and cousins-from Toronto to New York to Atlanta and Trinidad, from a very young age.  Her daughter Yani who is 23, is blessed to have the love and support of her family. However, Chris has seen the hurt and pains many of her daughter’s friends live with and how no having the understanding and acceptance of family affects their lives.  She has spoken with parents to help them open up and talk about their worries, fears, anger and judgments about their children’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  In those conversations she just listens and gives space for them to express all their ‘big feelings’ and then shares a bit about how she supports her daughter.