Phillip Fournier

Name: Phillip Fournier

Occupation: Writer, Speaker, Artist

Role (Parent, Ally, LGBTQ Youth): LGBTQ Youth

The number one person who has always supported me and been behind me 100% is my mom. She taught me to stand up for myself and not to back down if I believed I was right, and to do the best I can in every sense. She tells me every day she loves me no matter what happens she believes and supports me. Due to her kind, outgoing, and open-minded personality I have now taken on many, if not all of her traits which I am proud to have.

At first in elementary school I was the only child of colour in my age range as well as when going into middle school now being the only “dramatic” person there caused a lot of grief. My frustration and anger built year by year and thanks to my mom’s patience we both got through it together. She dropped me off at the Homo-Hop back in the day when it was located at FIVE, nightclub, and even would pick me up after going to the monthly Rocky Horror Picture Show. She got me going to sexual guidance counsellors and youth groups to know that I was not alone in my struggles. Due to her pursuit of my happiness I came to terms with who I was, a gay, half-black, young man.

For my current life at the moment, consists of writing articles of strength and power. Showing face so that other’s don’t feel they have to stay hidden in the shadows of reality. I write, speak, draw, create, and act myself into my world in my own mind. Not the world it is but the world it is meant to be for everyone. The fact that my mom has been so accepting of me being true to myself I do the same for other’s and this is why I will be loud and proud to be who I am. A gay, half-black, positive, man who is was and will be who he is, thanks to my loving mother.